FLO launched at Music Tech Fest Paris, November 2014

Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO) project was officially launched on 22 November as part of Music Tech Fest Paris, taking place at Centre Pompidou, the home of IRCAM. Nela presented the project to an audience of musicians, coders, scientists and researchers inviting them to make suggestions for remote audio-visual systems FLO could be using to rehearse, compose and perform. Stan Amsellem proposed we check out his super cool platform Whojam and Simon Delaere from iMinds (Belgium) set-up a demo of SPECIFI (developed as part of the Creative Ring Project)  for us to test. SPECIFI was used as part of Music Tech Fest for tele-performances. When we tested it (from one space to another within the IRCAM building) it was pretty solid, so now we need to go back home and test it between London, Warsaw and Durham (on Mac/Linux/ Windows) which should be an interesting challenge in itself! Simon also kindly put us in touch with Gerard Castillo Lasheras and Francisco Javier Iglesias from i2CAT (Barcelona) who are involved in development of SPECIFI as well as currently developing an open-source cloud real-time media mixing platform for real-time mixing video and audio streams through the network, compatible with UltraGrid software, developed by CESNET (Czech Republic). It might take us a while to test all these systems out (whilst trying to make some progress on our PhD’s), but we will keep you updated on how we get on!  Stay tuned!

Nela presenting FLO at MTF Paris, Centre Pompidou



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