21 July 2018, Hangar Sonor, Hangar, Barcelona, Spain

  • Workshop & Performance: From Musicking to Transmusicking 

On July 20, Hangar hosts a collaboration between Andrea Bravo (visual artist), Nela Brown (sound artist) and Tuna Pase (musician), who are part of the Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO) project, that will combine a workshop about improvisation, collaborative music making and telematics and a performance, in which the workshop participants will be invited to participate.

During the workshop, we will discuss opportunities and challenges of collaborative music making with performers which are co-located (in the same space) and/or distributed (streaming sound over the internet), what tools you might use, how you would prepare for such a performance, and how you would document the event. To participate in the workshop/ performance, please bring your musical instrument (this could also be your voice), laptop, headphones, any cables, software and audio hardware you are using to make noise/ sound/music.

Workshop + performance webpage

Hangar website:

A huge THANK YOU to Marc Ribera Valls, Sergi Botella and Lluís Nacenta from Hangar, (for kindly hosting us!), Tuna’s colleague Çağatay Erbaşı (for joining us at the last minute and bringing his brilliant music making gadgets), Locus Sonus platform (for providing the streams) and Ariane Stolfi for providing an awesome web audio interface (which is part of her PhD research). We love it! You will love it too! Download it here! Read all about it here.

We did a recording of the performance (straight from the mixing desk 🙂

From Musicking to Transmusicking, Hangar Sonor21 July 2018
Must remember to get one of these cute lamps for the next FLO performance. Much easier to see the mixing desk with it 🙂

27 June 2018, I Conferencia Internacional Atenea Mujeres Artistas Tecnólogas, La Universitat Politècnica de València, València, Spain

  • Workshop & Performance: Composing and performing with a laptop orchestra

In this introductory workshop, led by founder and Creative Director of Female Laptop Orchestra, Nela Brown, we will cover strategies and techniques for composing and performing with a laptop orchestra/ electroacoustic ensemble. From coordinating musicians to deciding on repertoire, writing a performance ‘score’, rehearsing, performing and documenting the performance.

Musicians of all different levels/ styles are welcome. Please bring your tool of choice (laptop, acoustic/electric instrument, voice, etc.), a pair of headphones (large ones are preferred), software/ hardware (you are currently using to perform with) and any musical ideas you wish to explore. If you are just starting out and wish to learn more about processing your sound using digital tools, please bring your laptop (and your instrument, if you play one), as we will be covering some basic principles of performing live and processing audio in real-time using Bigwig studio software. At the end of the workshop, we will do a short performance 🙂

Workshop webpage

Full conference programme programme

A huge THANK YOU to the workshop participants: Elena Rita Pelejero, Montse Briceno, Jorge Sastre, Kris Ospina, Marco Toledo, Roser Domingo,  Alex Granero and Raquel Brelt from La Universitat Politècnica de València. You guys rock!!!

We did a recording of the performance with Sony PCM-D50 🙂

And here’s the video recorded and edited by the wonderful Cristina Santos!

Having a harp in the performance does not happen everyday, let alone deconstructing a Colombian folk song 🙂